The ideal CV structure for programmer

CV by typographyimages on pixabay

In our previous post, we already established enormous importance of CV content for programmers. It is equally crucial to create CV with an ideal structure.

What is required in an ideal CV structure?

A structure that can make it easy for employers to sift through the parts they are looking for.

OK, but what are those things? Common things they are looking for are:

  • Programming skills Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Contact details

Exactly in that order.

Example of ideal Programmer CV Structure:

Programmer CV Structure
Programmer CV Structure

The example cites CV of a student fresh out college, having computer science degree. A few observations:

  • It lacks Contact details! Ok, there isn’t a section for it, because they need to be accessible in much more profound manner. They must exist in document header – and can include email + phone. No need of full residential address.
  • Certifications, if any, can be added in 3rd section (yellow part) – along with its siblings Education and Achievements.
  • The first section about summary is your make-or-break moment – if this section does not contain skills that the employer wants (e.g. NodeJs), your CV will most likely be trashed.
  • Do not color your CV like it is done above :).


Following the ideal CV structure reduces friction between your employer and you. Easier it is to read your CV, quicker your potential employer will pick up the phone to invite you for an interview. Make it today, you won’t regret it ever.