What after online certification

Certificate from Clker-Free-Vector-Images, Pixabay

Online learning has exploded. Every newbie programmer wants to gain access to some free online certification, programming courses coupons and youtube tutorials every other weekend. What they don’t know is how to be selective in choosing the right online courses, or youtube tutorials.

On the other hand, some programmers get the above stuff correct, but later on fail to utilize their certification to

  • Get programming interviews from software companies
  • Negotiate higher positions within their current organization.

But why using your online certification is important?

Because you cannot go back to your computer science college to keep pace with technology. Unless you have decided to live off your grandpa’s ranch (great! why you became a programmer in the first hand?), or you have moved up the ladder to become a fat-paycheck Program Manager, you need technology to survive and grow in software world. You need a proof of your newly gained skills.

Online Certifications are the shortest and surefire way to revise yourself. The question is, how to utilize them to your advantage?

In this article, we will go step by step on how to get the most out of your online course certification.

Share it on your professional social media profiles

Linkedin learnings allows you to directly share your recently gained certification – this then gets posted on your linkedin wall, and your connections get notified about your newly acquired skill.

There is a dedicated “Licensing & Certifications” section in your LinkedIn profile, and you have nothing to loose by making it visible to everyone.

If you obtained the online certification from some other source such as Udemy, you surely got a URL link to your certification. You can add it to your linkedIn profile in just 2 minutes.

Put Certification section under your CV

We have already covered ideal CV structure and CV tips for fresher programmers. In your certifications section – you want to put name of the online certification which directly links to URL of that certification.

If you have lost the URL but have PDF copy of your online certification, you can put it on your Google drive or Dropbox, and link the certification name to it. Make sure the link is accessible publicly, without need for logging in.

Join relevant tech communities and silently announce that you are certified, in your profile space:

Jon Skeet Stackoverflow Profile

Obviously, once you do that, do not miss to put Stackoverflow profile link into your CV.

  • Freecodecamp.org is another great community of programmers where you get a member profile space to put your certification links.
  • There are dedicated programming communities related to each tech, such as:
  • And many more, you know googling is better than straining your eyes here :).
  • Words of wisdom: Do not start a forum thread claiming that you are certified. Forum is a shared space. It will ruin it for everyone, and it will ruin it for you.


Getting Online certification for a software skill is the quickest way to show you are serious about a technology. To utilize your initiative, you must know ways to share it on the right places.

Online certification is not something to shout out from the rooftop, but at the same time, it should not be something that goes unnoticed by the right people.