How online eCourses can transform your career in a fundamental way

eCourse Roads by David Barajas on Unsplash

The term ECourses not only defines programming education – but online education in general. There were eCourses in the times of cold war too, yes. Yet, due to exploding nature of software and technology jobs, eCourses have special place when it comes to attaining your desired career break.

In fact, eCourses are the shortest way one can take to make a decisive turn or jump into one’s career. Here are a few cases that you can make best use of them.

Have 9-21 job that rarely allows family time? Take an eCourse on weekend:

Amazon employees are extremely overstressed at work – so much so that they often put 60 hours / week at their workplace. Not only that, but the job is extremely stressful too.

What’s the best escape when your job sucks?

It could only come when your escape is exceedingly good, towards greener pastures. And there is no sweeter revenge against a tech giant – than to elevate yourself from a warehouse personnel to a programmer who develops amazing things?

But how do you even plan that escape? If your resolve is strong, you will sneak from every corner you could find.

Take a Javascript eCourse on weekends.

– Common Wisdom

Because Javascript is the most popular programming language, and weekend is all you have 🙁

You can finish the eCourse during the weekend if your resolve is firm. And over the next few weekends, some practice + sharpening of cover letter and that of your CV might just land you an interview!

Surely – it sounds cruel on your family, but it’s a blessing in disguise. You could easily justify your eCourse time investment, because your job already sucks most of your family time.

Have a boring job that doesn’t require more from you? 30-minutes a day eCourse might just flip things for you

Developers in mundane jobs often find themselves in this tangle. All they do is some minor fix here and there in an already established software suit, run some tests, or automated script, and browse the internet during rest of their day.

Worse, they have to stay productive in an exceedingly artificial way – run errands for managers, fill up stupid forms, or attend useless office events.

Such developers would do best to enroll in an eCourse that most relates to their present career. Are you a devops already? Take an eCourse on Docker, Serverless or any related technology.

Steal time from your artificially productive office routine – view the eCourse video on your mobile in 5-10 minutes free timeslots. Office toilets? Not a bad choice…

Overqualified yet underrated developer? An eCourse to elevate your status, or to make the biggest jump:

A guy I worked with developed entire application server + devops backbone for our firm. Ironically, in 4 years, he was neither rewarded with better role, nor with an equally fulfilling task. Because the size and ambitions of our firm had finished with what he had to offer. The firm expanded in terms of clients and turnover, but rarely any features were developed to satisfy his hunger for creator status + responsibility. And thus, no scope for better compensation. And then he started taking eCourses.

eCourses on programming fundamentals, eCourses to rebuild his skills for creating similarly large systems with newer technology stacks. He kept pushing his work on github. It took him boring amount of time – 6 months. And then it happened.

He was invited for an interview by Google, Switzerland.

And he nailed it too. Despite his mediocre study background, despite his small employer firm, and despite his meagre recent job responsibilities.

The takeaway? Never be impatient with eCourses. They can build towards a bigger goal worth pursuing.


Everyone makes a mistake in their career. eCourses provide you an opportunity for course correction. ECourses can lead you to a quick exit from stressful job, or an exceedingly slow, stellar career growth from a boring routine. Take your pick. You will never regret it.