TipsnGuts is a blog for tech career tips, and inspiration for pursuing your passions and effectively follow your mundane routines.

TipsNGuts contains trivial tips that are wrapped inside non-trivial guts that help you move ahead in your career at rocket speed:

  • without compromising morals
  • yet preventing that Goliath from taking that unfair advantage.

Pen Magnet is a mysterious earthly creature who has seen so much. He never achieved success that he deserved, but others who followed his advice made great strides in their own careers – right from college days up to senior tech career path.

Now he wants to help more people attain their destiny, and in the process, try to attain his own. Well, who knows.

TipsNGuts is the extract – the secret blog on the Internet that no one has been talking about.

While you are here:

If you can, someday, unveil the identity of Pen Magnet, you have nothing else to prove. In this life.